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Concept and Project Management: Meredith Magee

Co-Creators and Copywriters: Katelynn Pearson and Ben Capshaw

My friends and I decided to participate in the Design & Art Direction New Blood student advertising awards and create a card game completely from scratch. After months of research, lots of testing games and hard work we created Lollygags. We made it to the finals for the international competition. 


The Goal: Create an exciting adult party game that encourages people to stay off their phones.

Lollygags Entry-01
Lollygags Entry-02
Lollygags Entry-03
lolly video pageNEW-01
Lollygags Entry-07
Lollygags Entry-04
Lollygags Entry-05
Lollygags Entry-06
Lollygags Entry-08
Lollygags Entry-09
Lollygags Entry-10
Lollygags Entry-11
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