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Art Directors: Meredith Magee, Alec Plourde 

and Vanessa Zielinski

When I was a creative intern for a student-run agency Lindsey + Asp we were given the task of coming up with our own beer brand targeted to a niche audience of our choice as our final project in the internship. My group came up with the idea to do a beer for the movers and shakers of silicon valley. We designed everything from the bottle, packaging, advertisements and a website.

The Goal: Create a new brand of beer.

Target: Tech-minded entrepreneurs in silicon valley.

What I learned: Branding and design from the ground up.

We designed the bottle to respond to heat so as the drinker finishes their beer they reveal a new and unique design on their bottle. The goal of the bottle design was to engage drinkers beyond the flavor of the beer itself, we wanted our bottle to mirror the technology and circuit board design popular in silicon valley.

The logo is comprised of circuit board shapes used in technology. In the startup world they use the term pivot to mean a tool to discover additional growth, growth you might otherwise have overlooked. Pivot beer inspires intellectual and creative growth.

The billboard ad reads: Take Your Ideas to New Heights. I'll Think To That.

All of our print advertisements include a special type of ink or unique trick of the eye to engage the reader and reflect the technology used in our bottles. Some ads require the reader to turn off the lights and see the rest of the ad in glow-in-the-dark ink others just use heat to reveal a bottle design.

Throughout our campaign we used our slogan, I'll Think To That. It's meant to be a play on the phrase "I'll drink to that" and further our branding that Pivot helps innovators think of new ideas.

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