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How to Engage Consumers Through Social Media

Social Media Illustation

Social media

marketing is one of the most difficult undertakings in a companies marketing plan. When done well, social media can be used to further the consumers bond with the brand. However, poor social media usage can lead to loss of sales and poor consumer opinion.

More content isn't always better. Some companies think that more posts means more views. While this may be true, you don't want to over work your followers. People are less likely to follow if they don't think the content is worth their time or think it clutters their feed. One clever post is always better than ten boring ones.

How much copy is too much? If you monitored your own social media usage for the day what posts do you take the time to look at? Most likely you stopped scrolling at a video or photo that caught your eye. Copy is great, but alone its rare to catch someones eye. Videos are a powerful tool for raising views and user engagement.

New technology is your friend. Don't be afraid to get ahead of the curve and try something new. Facebook has come out with amazing new technology like 360 degree videos and reaction likes. Instagram stories may seem scary at first but the data shows people are watching them. Its always better to be ahead of the curve than behind it.

Don't forget to social media is a two way street. Unlike traditional advertising, social media is engaging! If you don't talk to your followers, ask them questions and see what they are saying then you are missing half of the equation. There are lots of tools out there to help manage engagement. Twitter analytics are free and will show you your average rate of engagement, Facebook has similar features. Make sure your followers know that the company cares by responding to costumer issues and praises.

Creativity is key in a world of distraction. More than ever people's attention span is decreasing and the number of things vying for it is growing. If you don't separate your brand from others through creativity you are likely to get lost in the crowd.

Follow these steps and your followers will follow your every word! Branding is more than just style and logos, its giving your brand personality through social media and showing the consumers what you are all about.



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