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Why Working in a Student Agency is the Best Thing I Ever Did.

Let me just start this post by saying my name is Meredith Magee, and I'm a workaholic. I say this because from the moment I saw Lindsey+Asp while on a tour in Gaylord College I dreamt of working there. Unlike other high school seniors I wasn't picturing the long nights partying and staying out, I craved the late hours brainstorming and working on client accounts in the agency.

You could say that Lindsey+Asp had the single biggest pull for me on where I went to school. With hundreds of alumnae scattered at impressive agencies all over the globe, the glitz and glamour of the agency world took my breath away. I knew this was a place where students learned to become leaders in the industry and I couldn't wait to try my hand at things.

Freshman year I stumbled upon their open house where I met the person who ended up leading me to change my major from Public Relations... to Advertising. I worked my second semester as a creative intern under a brilliant and kind creative director who now works at Grey Global in NYC.

Today I am working as a member of the digital team and I am every bit as starstruck as I was a high school senior. I work alongside students who have received offers from some of the top agencies before they even left college.

Student agencies are magic. They allow you to gain years of experience long before your first job. They also provide invaluable networking experiences. One thing I have noticed is aside from the long-time professionals the agency brings in, my fellow classmates are some of the best connections I could ever make. We share a special bond that is only felt working those late nights and long hours together. We all know that we are very lucky to do what we do and one day we will be happy to pay it back to students who walked the same steps we once did.

So that is why I am completely and unapologetically a workaholic. I love what I do and I can't wait to spend many more hours brainstorming and working with clients.



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