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5 Reasons Parents Need IDShield

What is IDShield?

IDShield is an identity theft protection service aimed at equipping you and your family with the tools to protect yourself. Identity theft affects over 17 million U.S. citizens each year. The digital age has made it easier for criminals to get ahold of personal information like credit cards, social security numbers and bank account information. It’s important now more than ever to protect your family from identity theft.

1. Don’t dis-credit your kids.

Children are one of the easiest victims of identity theft. Criminals can get ahold of your child’s social security number through school, hospital and government forms. While government departments have laws to protect your information, many times papers pass through eyes and hands that are not always trustworthy. It’s best to avoid sharing your child’s social security cost at all cost.

How legal shield can help:

We will monitor and alert you of any suspicious activity regarding your child’s credit. Like another pair of eyes, IDShield will be there to help keep an eye on your child’s future credit.

2. Don’t let someone else have the vacation you never had

Dreaming of that big family vacation to Disney World? Criminals can take your dream away with the click of a mouse. Your credit could be compromised and someone else could be using credit cards in your name to travel the globe. Big purchases and airplane tickets are sometimes the first purchases made with stolen credit cards. You may be saving up to take the kids on a vacation, but someone else could be spending money behind your back.

Protect your credit card number.

Don’t enter your credit card number on un-protected websites and forms. Make sure the online shopping you do is credible and protected by the lock symbol on the url.

LegalShield will help protect you when or if fraudulent websites take your credit card information. On top of monitoring your credit card activity, we can provide legal support if someone steals your credit card information. Don’t let someone else spend money on your dream vacation; LegalShield will protect your finances so you can take your family on the vacation of your dreams.

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3. Save for college, not for legal help.

Saving for college is a big deal. You want your kids to have a good start to a brighter future but saving up is tough. Saving for college can be made even more difficult by the threat of those savings being stolen through identity theft.

IDShield can help monitor and protect your information daily to ensure any unusual purchases are caught and resolved. Make sure you protect your child’s future by partnering with us to monitor the present.

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4. It's like taking candy from a baby.

Thieves love to prey on young kids identity. Often parents don’t notice until their child is 18 that their identity may have been compromised. If your child is receiving bills, credit cards and other mail in the mailbox, your child’s identity may have been compromised.

Protect your child’s identity. Watch for unusual mail and letter’s addressed to your kids. LegalShield can help you pursue legal action if someone has stolen your child’s identity and protect their identity for the future.

Watch out for these red flags:

  • Your child is getting calls from collection agencies or receives bills in his/her name.

  • Your child is getting mail in their name for pre-approved credit cards and other offers.

  • The government turns down your child for benefits because his/her Social Security number has already been used.

  • The IRS sends your child a notice that he/she hasn’t paid income taxes.

  • Your child is denied a bank account or driver’s license.

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5. Protect your dream home from unwanted houseguests.

If you are a parent looking to grow your family and move into that dream 4 bed 4.5 bed home identity theft probably isn’t in the budget. Identity theft can ruin your credit making you ineligible for a loan or mortgage. Re-building your credit can be a nightmare when you can two kids and a baby on the way.

IDShield by legal shield can help protect your family by monitoring your purchases and suggesting ways to stay safe. If we notice suspicious activity we will immediately alert you and you will have legal representation on hand to solve the issue quickly. Protect your family’s dream and get IDShield today.

IDShield by LegalShield is here to watch over your family when you can’t. From that extra pair of eyes on online purchases to watching over your credit score, IDShield will help protect your family’s dreams. Check out more information at



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