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Who are you again?

I am currently in that phase of college where I am trying something new and I have to do a lot of personal introductions. So here is a documented digital version for your enjoyment.

I am coming into my third year as an Advertising student at the University of Oklahoma...except I actually won't be on campus this year...or even in the state. I am currently doing a yearlong internship with the Walt Disney Company's internal advertising agency,Yellow Shoes. This was dream of mine since high school and was something that I would never have gotten a chance to do without the support and connections at Gaylord College! One thing to know about me is I am a Gaylord super fan! It's the main reason I came to OU and it is where I met all my closest friends and feel supported by the World class faculty. I know I am going to love my experience in Florida but it's the people at Gaylord that make it hard to leave.

My favorite pastime is going estate sale shopping, eating breakfast food anytime of day, seeing live shows and searching for the best grilled cheese in town. Fun fact I love grilled cheese so much that OU Housing and Food did a whole story on my quirky love for the classic american sandwich.

A little bit about what I stand for...I firmly believe that you should make the most of where you are and always make it a point to meet new people. I believe all people should be treated with respect and love. I believe everyone can be creative and it just takes the right idea for you to believe it yourself. I am guided daily by my faith and my passion for the industry. I am motivated through encouragement and competition (I am perhaps too competitive at times). I am a planner, I always think twenty steps ahead and have trouble deviating from the plan.

I would consider myself a design nut. I love the little details in everyday life. I always notice the smallest things in my surroundings. I love thinking about the thought process in a design and deciphering the meaning or purpose behind a particular theme. Maybe that's why I love the Disney Company so much; they take purpose and design into everything they do here. Design is probably my favorite thing to ponder and admire in everything I use or see. Whether its architecture, cake decorating, road layouts or an advertisement, I really enjoying looking at the purpose behind things.

I would love to work in creative one day but right now I am practicing my account management skills and hoping to learn a lot about the creative process and the industry as a whole.



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