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My Day with a Side of Design

Today I was tasked with writing about how design is shown in every day life, so obviously I choose to go to the most magical place on earth: Disney World!

In the photo on the left you can see an example of proportion in design. This etch-a-sketch in the Toy Story Mania line makes you feel like a child. It takes you back to the days when everything else felt so big and fantastical.

Later in the day I saw Disney's "The Music of Pixar: Live." I noticed the set design used the concept of color in the lighting design to exhibit the balloons lifting up the house like in the famous scene from the movie "Up".

During the show I also loved this use of negative space and minimalism to showcase the pixar characters and mimic Woody as a the conductor of the orchestra.

This is a use of form/function being used in the Toy Story Mania ride. These giant tinker toys act as the roof while also giving the rider a feeling of being a small child again.

This is from the Great Movie Ride, one of my all time favorites. This popular scene from The Wizard of Oz is a perfect example of balance. The pointy features of this munchkin hut balance out the rounded features in the following use while the muted color scheme balances pops of bright yellow and pink.

Throughout my day I noted the intention behind the designs everywhere I went. Design was not just used to make something pretty, but to be functional yet entertaining. Everything was designed with a purpose and theme to transport you to a different world. I learned that design is everywhere and it really does affect your mood and surroundings whether we notice it or not!



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