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Typo or Typography?

Yesterday I got my Typo on for class...Typography that is. I have always loved design but sometimes words seem to get in the way. Lucky for me thats where the art of typography comes into play. Games like "I shot the serif" turn helpful skills into a fun game.

Can you tell the difference?

Another one of the games helps stretch your pairing skills. I love pairing cursive and long skinny all caps fonts so this one has my heart. You act like you are on some sort of dating game and these fonts are looking for there perfect match, try and figure out which pairs look great together. This game is called type connection.

Kerning? No that doesn't have to do with popcorn. Kerning is the space between letters in a word. This game is the most difficult of them all, you have to perfectly space the letters without any guides. Checkout this game if you like a good challenge!

These games showed me how frustrating...but effective typography can be. Although they might now replace other entertainment in my daily life...they definitely make me think twice about my font choices!



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