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Ed Sheeran Walks Into a Bar....

So what if Ed Sheeran walked into a bar? What if that bar was the Meatball house?

Known for its european atmosphere and pub, the Meatball House is the type of place friendly and down-to-earth British success Ed Sheeran might love. Ed Sheeran is relatable and knowledgeable about beers and bar food because he is known for trying local restaurants in every city he tours in. This plus his classic British look makes him my ideal choice for a celebrity spokesperson. The Meatball House currently lacks credibility and students see it as a boring sit down restaurant instead of a place to chill and have a beer or two.

During the spot you will see that I chose to include David Boren. I realize this would never work but Boren brings an element of unexpected to the spot and ties the Meatball House directly to the OU campus. Plus let's be honest...the Meatball House is super close to Boren's house. Who knows maybe David likes to kick-back and have a pint after work?

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