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Stick it to the Man!

Stick-It-To-Me...Stick-it-to-the-Man...Sticky Notes.

How would you describe the product?

Sticky Notes: A small, compact solution to your note taking needs. Sticky notes are great for the thinker on-the-go who just needs to remember their next big idea.

What’s unique/special about this product?

Sticky notes are not just another notepad. With patented glue adhesive and an iconic square shape; sticky notes are great for the daydreamers whose ideas don't follow the clock. The adhesive and compact size makes them perfect for an office, car or even back pocket. Your best idea is always an arms length away.

What big benefit does it provide?

Using sticky notes to jot down your next big idea means you will always have a way to remember what new invention or crazy thought you came up with. Forget about forgetting your ideas, Sticky Notes make is effortless to take note of the important things.

What pain does it alleviate?

No one likes to carry around a bunch of papers and large notebooks or waste paper just to jot down one or two thoughts. Sticky Notes save the environment and space by providing the benefit of a notebook in an efficiently compact size.

What features are included and what are the benefits of each?

The patented glue allows Sticky Notes to be places and stuck almost anywhere. Now your notes become badges of pride, memories of meaning and clues to your next breakthrough. Great for sticking to other sets of notes; Sticky Notes allow you to make note taking exciting again. Their bright colors and classic design help distinguish key ideas and thoughts.

My Thought Process

My thought process throughout this challenge was to introduce Sticky Notes as the greatest new invention. I use them every day and the truth is we never think about how simple yet brilliant they are. I took each question and described the Sticky Note as literally and imaginative as possible. After this project I might just appreciate my sticky little helpers even more....



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