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Subaru is a Cult.

I never liked my car. When I first got it, passed down from my Dad, I hated it so much. I thought it was the ugliest gold little car I had ever seen. It felt dirty and old. I was ashamed. But they knew. They knew I would fall in love with it. It grew on me over time and soon Finn (the car) and I became inseparable. He carried me to many big events; graduation, college, my first really big internship... Finn was great. Finn showed me that if it's not Subaru, it's not for me! Now it's time to sell Finn. So here it goes:

If you are looking for a car that has personality and will take you places literally and metaphorically; look no further. This is Finn. Finn is so special, he once saved my life. With excellent safety features, you always know Finn will put you first. Finn might be a little old (2005) but he still has many good years left with only 85,000 miles and brand new brakes; he still has some tricks up his sleeves. If you want a dependable, lovable and incredible car; buy Finn.




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