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Keep Norman Stranger

I will preface this with the controversial but oh-so-true fact that I have never seen Stranger Things. However, it is on my summer list and after this challenge I think I'll have to start it this weekend.

The strangest thing about this challenge is that it was way more challenging than I ever imagined. I am partial to adobe illustrator for my typography taking it back to the days when I solely used photoshop was more challenging than expected. Photoshop now seems much slower and more difficult than illustrator to me. I digress, but I will say it was really fun to learn about the different effects you can play with in photoshop to make text 3-D. I might spend more time just checking out different effects and learning all of its capabilities.

For this particular challenge though I learned the tool for outer glow. My first draft looked a little something like this:

So at this step I was figuring out how to add the brush to create a more natural glow, which I then subdued and created to match the effect.

This is how the effect turned out originally, but like my professor said in his post, it wasn't quite right with the black background. So in this next photo I took a woody's photo from Google Images and placed it in the background to test the effect.

The black text came out a little stark with the photo so ultimately I played with the photo's transparency and came to this final product below!

It's not perfect, but for someone who has never seen the show I am personally pretty proud of it!




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