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Photo I took of a rainbow at Disney's Magic Kingdom before editing.

Everyday I get on social media and look at highly edited, over color corrected, artistic photos. Instagram put the ordinary selfie or landscape shot to shame when it came out with filters and easy edited tools to help the everyday photo look more original and unique.

This assignment made what became ordinary, the filters, extraordinary again. For the first time I saw these filters through the eyes of their developers. I understood the complex design behind the simple touch of a screen on our end. I will never again take an Instagram filter for granted.

As someone who uses photoshop often to re-touch or color correct marketing materials, I really didn't think this challenge would be..well..challenging. Boy was I wrong! It is actually quite difficult to create that exact style and color on your own. I tried tweaking each level and color of yellow so many times to achieve the effect I wanted. Finally I reached a point where I felt pretty satisfied with the overall look and feel and the photo to the left is where I ended up!




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