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I always judge a book by its cover....

The Chronicles of Narnia have reached major success due to the highly acclaimed film francise. But for me it all started with good ole paper and ink. When I was in elementary school parents would come every Friday and read chapters of C.S. lewis's Narnia books to us. Every week I looked forward to hearing the rest of the Pevensey kids fantastical adventures.

This got me thinking about how to re-imagine this classic children's book...but for a more mature audience. This is what inspired my re-design for the first book in the series.

But first lets check out the history of this book's cover...

The original cover

An alternate version

The post-film cover

All of these versions and the influence of Aslan the lion as a major figure throughout the book led me to this design for my own re-imagined cover!

Coming up with this design I cannot draw to save my life, so I used and manipulated a design from this photo:




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