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To Infinity and Beyond!

One of my few great loves in life is magazine/layout design. Another one is Buzz Lightyear, fun fact: I named my two dogs Buzz and Woody after the famous Toy Story duo. So naturally I chose to take this project to infinity...and beyond. I started with this photo (also pictured above) which I found here:

After I found the perfect photo which I felt had enough motion and parts to create an interesting effect with the text, I used the pen tool in photoshop to cut out his figure.

After that I transferred the png buzz into InDesign where I played with the text wrap tool to get the desired effect. And then to make it seem more like a real layout, I added a headline, page number and other graphic elements to tie in the color scheme. I had a lot more fun with this project than I expected. I really enjoyed picking out the typography, matching the colors and playing with the photo placement. I think the text wrap tool also really frames the photo and allows the words to become a graphic in their own right too.




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