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Always Play with Your Food

Your mom probably told you never to play with food. She was wrong. Play with food. Play on words. Why not combine the two into a food campaign for McDonalds? For this assignment I decided to take McDonald's iconic menu items (and salads because...why not?) and turn ordinary words into yummy ones.

At first I played with the idea of taking just fries and doing multiple ads with different fry centered sayings, but this proved more difficult than I thought. Below you will see the ad that made it through from that original concept.

In the following iterations I decided to continue the crossed out ordinary word theme but this time with salad. I know, I know; no one thinks of salad when they think of McDonald's, but I saw a missed opportunity. Here is the product of my leafy green brainstorming:

In my final version I took the classic McDonald's chicken nuggets and made a pain word a happy one. Ughhhh becomes Nuggggggh in this text-inspired ad.

I had a lot of fun playing around with these words and trying to get them in the context of the items I am selling. It's much harder than it looks and I don't know if all of them would ever make it to market if they were pitched, but they sure were fun to make.




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