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Get a Job

For this Facebook assignment I choose to create an advertisement for our student agency where we are selling "Get a Job" services. Students these days don't seem to have the best skills at making a convincing resume or portfolio. So naturally we are going to sell our services to recent grads and students looking for internships.

For this Facebook advertisement I choose to target college students in the Norman area age 18-35 (older audience will include graduate students) around the time during and after graduation. By targeting them around this time we will put a relevant message in front of them during a pivotal time, maximizing ad dollars.

The headline of the ad will be "Stand out. Get a job. Get paid." this informs the reader of our purpose (to help applicants stand out), our goal (to get students a job) and our pay off for customers (that they get paid).

The body text/caption of the ad will read: "Don't leave your dream job up to chance. We help you design and curate your resume to coach you to the job of your dreams."

The potential artwork could be this comic/meme of HR professionals guessing you gets the job by playing with paper airplanes. I thought this would be a unique and funny way to catch the audiences attention with humor but also help them understand the realness of getting stuck in an HR pile.

My audience is college students in the Norman area and my reach is 2% of the population. My budget for this will be $10 a week for three months reaching 2% of the Norman population age 18-35.

I determined the audience as college students looking for jobs and added the interest of all businesses.

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