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How to move out of the basement!

Are you a millennial living off your parents dimes? Do you sometimes ask yourself why you haven't moved away from home? Hi. We are, here to help you get up and move out. Getting a job is the first step to getting off the couch and into your ideal lifestyle. We don't care if you live off pizza and donuts, but your future employer doesn't need to know that.

For this Twitter ad I chose to sell (once again) job coaching services. Twitter is infamous for being the land of memes and the classic millennial internet hangout. All this time on Twitter means there are a lot of college students possibly living on their parents couch. This ad pokes serious fun at the internet lifestyle while inspiring people to get off the couch and get a job.

The copy of the tweet will say "#Relatable when you wanna buy all the stuff but don't have money. We can help. Check out our bio". And the photo will be a meme of someone in their parents basement with "When you can't hangout with friend's because you still have a curfew and live at home".

The audience is primarily college students in Norman. Defined as:

I used the interest of Job fairs and Job search to narrow down the target and look for those already using the internet to find jobs. Overall I am budgeting a maximum spend of $300 at $10 a day for 30 days.

This is the estimated outcome which for a small agency isn't too bad!




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