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Reasons to go to Disney World

Story 1: Fall back in love.

Jack and Carrie are in there 60s and just retired to the sunny state of Florida. Living in a retirement village can be quite boring and they were looking for things to do when they decided to get a Disney Annual Pass and re-discover their inner child. Things have been dull the past few years and now that the kids are older they don't visit as often. We see them entering the parks as Jack narrates how he remembers the first time he brought their children to Disney World. We see a flashback of their family excited at the gate and meeting the characters. Suddenly Jack looks as Carrie and they smile; they both are thinking the same thing. They go buy Mickey ears and go on a photo spree with characters doing silly poses along the way. The slogan as we see them riding on Dumbo reads: Have a Grand time, together, again. Magic is only a day away.

This spot would convey the brand values of nostalgia and memories. The resolution is that quality time at the parks will help you fall back in love and remember your inner child.

Story 2: Tall enough to ride.

Sarah is six years old and sometimes can't reach things she wants. We see here in everyday struggle to reach the top shelf, reach the cookie jar, and measuring her height as she grows each day. As she measures her height and reads it each day she frowns until one day she likes the number she sees. Next we see Sarah and her mom entering the gates of the Magic Kingdom and running to Sarah's first ride. She walks up to the "You must be this tall to ride" sign and measures up. As a cast member gives her the wave through she smiles really big and we see Sarah having the time of her life on her first coaster. The copy reads: Tall enough to ride, never too small to believe. Find your Magic and the Magic Kingdom.

This spot would play on the brand values of memory making and achieving guests dreams. The resolution is that Disney World is a place where kids of all ages can feel like their dreams come true and they are big enough to achieve anything they set their mind to.

Spot 3: The Force is Strong.

Drew is 12 and we first meet him as he is getting bullied by his peers. Everyday he goes home and is sad he cannot defend himself. On a weekend his mom tells him they are going on a surprise trip to Disney World. On his trip we see a storm trooper approach him at the gate and walk him to the Jedi Training Center where a real Jedi teaches him how to fight the dark side. He battles Darth Vader and wins by believing in himself and using the force. We fast forward to him at school where we see him use his positive force to get the bullies to understand him. With kindness and his secret Jedi powers he overcomes his bullies. The copy reads: The Force is Strong in Us All. The rebellion is waiting for you at Hollywood Studios.

This spot touches the brand value of nostalgia and dreams. Drew fights his fears and gains confidence by believing he can use the force and fight the dark side just like he fought Darth Vader.



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