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When Walt builds it...they will come.

I am fortunate to work for one of the best company's in the world. Disney World that is. While many people love and know the history of the Walt Disney Company, I wanted to dive deeper into how they communicate as a brand.

Why does the business exist?

Walt Disney started out as an animator and through grit and determination turned his passion into a multi-billion dollar media company. The Walt Disney Company exists to creative innovative and re-imagined entertainment experiences for children and adults of all ages. What makes it unique is that every movie aims to tell a story both moving and memorable which can carry over into their theme parks and massive merchandise business.

The business history.

While the Disney company started primarily to make movies, Walt soon discovered that there needed to be a place for families to re-connect and live in a world where imagination comes to life. When Walt had kids he felt especially led to start Disneyland a project which soon became its own empire. Although he was not alive for much of the Disney World opening, his legacy lives on through the attention to detail and innovation seen throughout the parks and films the company produces.

Main characters.

Walt Disney himself is as much a character as his leading man Mickey Mouse. At a time that was pivotal for animators Walt began many animation techniques that changed the industry today. A visionary from the start of Laugh-O-Gram Walt Disney aimed to lead the industry with new technologies and creative excellence. From Laugh-O-Gram to Walt Disney Animation Studios, his face and legacy are a reminder to always push for the best.

Company Mission.

"The Walt Disney Company's objective is to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information, using its portfolio of brands to differentiate its content, services and consumer products."

Core brand values

The Disney company holds integrity and creativity to the highest standard. Originality and innovation are key in creating new and never-before-seen experiences for guests.


Disney probably has the highest brand loyalty of any entertainment company. With brands like Marvel, LucasFilm and ABC as part of their collection brand loyalty runs deep and fans are very vocal about their love for Disney. From fan-made goods, costumes and books; the Disney name is known around the Globe. Consumers buy because they feel a special nostalgia to the characters and stories of Disney this leads them to the parks and back to the theatre as each new film is released.



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