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The Best Friend Every Girl Needs

I met Hannah my freshman year of college at a sorority mixer. We both were new to OU, me as a freshman and Hannah as a transfer student from southeast Oklahoma. I thought she was nice and looked like an internet personality I love, she thought I was small and fun. We clicked but we had no idea that soon we would be soul sisters. Throughout the year we hung out more and before I knew it Hannah became like a big sister to me. She always gave me the right advice, encouraged me and told me when I really screwed up. Hannah never lies to me or goes behind my back. Hannah was my first truly sincere college friend.

Fast forward to my sophomore year and Hannah and I became roommates. They say don't live with your friends...and I found out this was not a good idea in about a month. Surprisingly we overcame our different living styles and ended up being the best thing for each other to live with. She taught me to relax and stop sweating the little stuff and I taught her how to save money on electricity. We were an odd pair but we complimented the others weaknesses.

Throughout our friendship Hannah has been a shoulder to cry on and a warm hug to come home to. Even now as we are thousands of miles apart she is always a phone call away ready to listen and give me advice. Hannah in many ways is my better half and the big sister I always needed. So here is to the girl who teaches me to live and laugh a lot.



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