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Never Grow Up

What were you asked to do over this project?

Throughout this project I found out more of what the Walt Disney Company values and believes. I learned how one of the largest entertainment corporations started off as a small animation studio and how one man's dream became an inspiration to millions. I learned that what we perceive as a brands main focus, might not always be. And through creating three spots for this brand I learned that to me the branding of the Disney company is emotional. It's something that we associate, or maybe just me, with more than products. We associate it with storytelling and triumphs.

How did you respond to what you were asked to do?

I felt a deeper connection to the Disney company after this project. It's something I grew up loving but now I see the history behind it and the purpose driving everything they do. When I look to the founder, Walt Disney, I see a man who dreamt of a place and company where the impossible became tangible. I felt inspired and excited.

How did react to what you actually did?

I went for the emotional angle in my spot and although I wouldn't say I am the best writer, I am proud of the concept I created because it relates to the storytelling aspect of the brand while also appealing to emotion. I am going to be the most hard on myself in terms of production quality, however I am happy with the overall idea of what I came up with.

Now go one level deeper: Why do you think your reaction was what it was?

I think as someone who sees the real work that the Disney company does on their ads everyday it is very tough to come close in my own work. I am not a professional and it's sometimes hard to relay the same idea by piecing together already created clips. It's never going to be exactly what I want, but it's my best right now. And hopefully I will get better with time and practice!



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