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Home is wherever the .com is

I have had a website since I was about 17. Having a website to house your portfolio is becoming just as common as having a resume...and almost more important too. Just like your resume must be unique, your website should tell the best story of who you are.

Through this class I have learned to post frequently and improve my SEO by tagging each post accordingly. Beyond Advertising Copy and Layout I think I would like to start fresh and revamp my website to make it more simple and true to the work that I am most proud of. I have received lots of advice from recruiters on what the best things to do for a portfolio look like and almost every single one has suggested that I keep it simple to one page.

As for blogging my progress or reflection on internships.... I don't know what the allowances are for doing that type of thing. I know for the most part things are supposed to be pretty private. Although I will definitely blog about the general ways of procuring your dream internship and making it through the HR funnel.

Additions wise I would love to add a memories section that showcases my professional experiences through photographs and short captions. Sort of like a timeline of my career.

The biggest thing I've learned through this experience is that this domain is always going to be a work in progress. You should never become content or complacent about your website.




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