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Looking back on this semester all I can say Wow have I come a long way. It's fun to look back and see how I started off the course looking introspectively, at myself and my future, and then I started to look outside myself and observe my surroundings. By observing my surroundings i learned to appreciate and acknowledge design in my everyday. It is easier to create when you are always admiring other creators.

Throughout my journey of learning typography, slogan writing, layout design and more I learned to seek inspiration from everything around me. This goes back to the second assignment where I took pictures of great design in the parks. These things and others quickly became aspects of my work. By taking the outside and turning it into art I learned that everything is a learning experience. Even if it's a bad design, how could you improve it?

Throughout the blog posts I begin to see which topics I loved and which ones I am maybe not so proud of. I learned that I really loved layout design but I'm not the best at writing scripts. While I am confident in my art direction skills I feel weak when it comes to writing copy. I wish I might have consulted a friend or brainstormed some of my video concepts more and that I could have built out my Mcdonalds campaign more.

Most importantly I grew because I learned the kind of creative I am passionate about. I definitely like art direction over copy. I love making things look nice and figuring out how to draw the readers attention. It's something I am still learning but I would love to one day get to pursue for a living.



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